A Complete Suburban Remodel

It had been over 25 years since Sue Proshek’s recently-purchased townhome had been built, and since then, it hadn’t received any updates. Needless to say, she knew she would have to provide her new home with a facelift. In need of some remodeling vision, Sue reached out to her interior designer, who in turn recommended Skäpar.

After meeting with Nate, Sue hired him on for kitchen, lower level and laundry room remodels. The kitchen was a complete project including new appliances and new cabinets. Nate consulted on the painting of all walls and enameling of woodwork, including the beautiful railing and bannister to the lower level.

Nate and team also designed and installed a new kitchen island and worked with Sue’s interior designer to design and install an amazing chimney vent over the kitchen’s new stove.

For the laundry room, Nate designed and manufactured an enclosed under-sink shelf, as well as installed a new washer and dryer.  He also installed new cabinets (and moved the old cupboards to the garage for use there) and finally, retrofitted the pantry for easier use.

Project Type

Kitchen, basement, laundry room remodel



Completion Date



Sue Proshek

Client Testimonial

“I absolutely recommend Skäpar for the work Nate and his team did. He was always available for my endless questions, provided frequent updates and fostered cooperation with everyone involved in this quite involved remodel. He accomplished a dream come true of what I envisioned.”

Sue Proshek


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