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Introduction and Goal

As a seasoned home remodeler and contractor, we were approached by Ben and Casandra, homeowners residing on Brookview Avenue in Edina, MN. The couple had recently moved into their home and were eager to transform their lackluster basement into a stylish and inviting space. With Ben utilizing part of the basement as his art studio and the rest serving as the kids’ play area, they envisioned a basement where they could entertain guests and indulge in their passion for watching football.

The Challenge

The existing basement lacked character and functionality. It was a blank canvas with no distinctive features, painted in uninspiring white. The challenge was to inject personality and purpose into the space while adhering to a budget of under $45,000. Additionally, accommodating Ben’s need for an art studio and transforming it into an exercise room without compromising on aesthetics was a significant challenge.

Our Process

We began by understanding Ben and Casandra’s vision for their basement. They wanted a stylish and moody ambiance conducive to both relaxation and entertainment. To address the dual-purpose requirement of the space, we divided it into distinct areas. The art studio was transformed into an exercise room, complete with durable rubber flooring to withstand heavy equipment usage. For the main area, we opted for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, providing an elegant yet resilient surface.

To create the desired mood, we incorporated mood lighting throughout the basement. Soft, warm lighting fixtures were strategically placed to enhance the ambiance and add an intimate feel to the space. The color palette was carefully chosen, with Pratt & Lambert’s “Dead Salmon” selected to lend depth and sophistication to the walls.

Embracing a recent trend, we painted all surfaces, including doors, windows, cabinets, and trim, in the same color to achieve a cohesive and distinctive look. Utilizing eggshell finish for the walls and satin finish for other surfaces further enhanced the overall aesthetic.

The Results and Transformation

The Brookview Avenue Basement Remodel exceeded expectations, delivering a transformed space perfectly aligned with Ben and Casandra’s vision. The once uninspiring basement now boasts personality and functionality, serving as a stylish hub for relaxation and entertainment.

The integration of mood lighting and the distinctive choice of color palette have added depth and character to the space, creating an inviting ambiance that beckons guests to linger. The seamless transition from art studio to exercise room demonstrates our ability to marry practicality with design, catering to the unique needs of our clients.

Overall, the project showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results within budgetary constraints, further solidifying our reputation as trusted home remodelers in the Edina community.

Completion and Investment

The project was completed in 2022 for just under $45,000 in total.

The Reimagined Basement Design is a testament to Skäpar’s commitment to turning homeowners’ dreams into reality.

By embracing the client’s vision and working to overcome their challenges, we created a more refined and usable space for the entire family.

Project Type

Basement Remodel



Completion Date

Summer 2022


Ben and Casandra

Brookview Ave – Basement before

Brookview Ave - Basement before (3)

Brookview Ave – Basement before

Brookview Ave - Basement before (2)
Brookview Ave, Edina Basement
Brookview Ave, Edina Basement
Brookview Ave, Edina Basement
Brookview Ave, Edina Basement

Client Testimonial

— Ben and Cassandra


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