At Skäpar, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with homeowners who have a deep appreciation for history and a vision to transform their houses into homes that truly reflect their personality and style.

Sarah and Mike, proud owners of an early 1900s-era home in the picturesque Summit Hill neighborhood, presented us with the exciting challenge of preserving the historical charm of their house while bringing it into the modern age.

Our journey with them was a testament to the power of thoughtful design and meticulous execution, resulting in a successful transformation that surpassed even their loftiest aspirations.

  • Embracing a Piece of History

Sarah and Mike fell in love with the unique character of their home from the moment they purchased it. However, they knew that to truly make it their own they were going to need to invest in some professional redesign and remodeling, with the bulk of this being in the focus area of the home – the kitchen. Their goal was to retain the essence of the original structure while updating it to meet their contemporary living needs.

We shared their enthusiasm for change and were excited to work together to see the project come to fruition.

  • Preserving Historical Details

The historical significance of the home was evident in its intricate woodwork, smaller rooms, and numerous doors. Preserving these authentic details was a top priority for the homeowners, and we were determined to maintain the integrity of the house’s time-honored craftsmanship in the home while focusing on a more modern designed kitchen with attributes and features sought out in today’s home market.

  • Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Over the years, the home had undergone various renovations, some of which didn’t quite align with its original character. The kitchen, for example, needed a significant upgrade. It featured outdated tile countertops and vinyl flooring, which clashed with the historical aesthetic.

Striking the right balance between tradition and modernity would be key to achieving the desired outcome.

  • A Vision for the Kitchen

Sarah and Mike had a clear vision for their kitchen: they wanted it to be the heart of the home, a space where they could gather with family and friends while paying homage to the past. Our team collaborated closely with a talented designer and an engineer to turn this vision into reality.


  • A Modern Kitchen with a Historical Soul

To modernize the kitchen, we devised a plan to re-structure load-bearing walls, opening up the kitchen to a smaller adjacent servants’ kitchen. This transformation not only expanded the kitchen’s space but also allowed for a more functional layout.

Throughout the process, we preserved the historical charm by replicating ceiling beams and matching cabinetry from other areas of the home. Additionally, we decided to incorporate existing doors, restoring and reusing them wherever possible.

  • The Result: A Triumph of Timeless Elegance

As the dust settled and the final touches were put in place, the result was nothing short of spectacular. The newly remodeled kitchen seamlessly blended modern amenities with the historical soul of the home. Every detail, from the carefully replicated ceiling beams to the thoughtfully reclaimed doors, exuded timeless elegance.

In Conclusion

Sarah and Mike’s home remodel journey was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to preserving history.

At Skäpar, we take immense pride in bringing our client’s dreams to life, ensuring that their homes are not just places to live but reflections of their identities. Together, we celebrated the successful transformation of a house into a cherished home, one that honors the past while embracing the future.

Project Type

Kitchen Remodel


$175,000 – $225,000

Completion Date

Fall of 2022


Obermueller Household

Obermueller, Summit Hill Kitchen Remodel 2022
Obermueller, Summit Hill Kitchen Remodel 2022
Obermueller, Summit Hill Kitchen Remodel 2022
Obermueller, Summit Hill Kitchen Remodel 2022

Client Testimonial

Nate, and his exemplary team at Skäpar did an amazing job on our kitchen remodel! We are so happy with the end results and with their focus on our (the client’s) needs throughout the process.  We definitely recommend them and will use them again for future projects. 

— Sara and Mike O.


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