Richman Remodel

With a house that was built in 1943 and multiple remodels and repairs over the years, there were a few issues that needed to be addressed. Water from a rooftop deck was entering the porch, the electric car and toaster were unable to be plugged in at the same time, a kitchen that was cramped and dated with pine paneling, a jacuzzi tub that was not working and tile that was cracking in the master bath, and no AC on the main level.

You can imagine the desire to fix these problems and update the home were high for Robert and Andrea. Moving in six years prior to the new remodel, the owners were wanting to update these spaces and make it feel like theirs. With the help of the designer and Skäpar, selections were made to bring their vision to life.

Along the way, a few design elements presented themselves. Some added accents were added to the tile work in the kitchen. A couple of doors were removed to provide a more spacious and open feel. A custom sliding shower door system was used to fit the space due to the existing layout and roof line to provide a seamless look.

Project Type

Kitchen, basement, laundry room remodel



Completion Date



Robert Richman & Andrea Wood

Client Testimonial

“Nate was very easy to work with. He was always responsive to our concerns and worked to resolve any issues that arose during the project. He also took it upon himself to fix pre-existing problems in our house that he noticed during the construction, such as the lock on our front door, which didn’t lock properly until he fixed it.”

—Robert Richman & Andrea Wood


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