When Laura and Mike reached out to us, they were embarking on a journey to transform a historic house on Milwaukee Avenue into their dream home. This charming abode had seen its fair share of renovations over the years but was in need of a modern, personalized touch to truly make it their own. As a home remodeler and contractor, we were thrilled to be a part of this historic Milwaukee Ave remodel project and turn their vision into reality.

The Challenge

The project presented a unique challenge because the house had undergone multiple remodels in the past, which left a patchwork of old and new elements. Laura and Mike, the new homeowners, had a clear vision for their ideal living space. For Laura, creating a new workspace was a top priority, as she planned to work from home. Our task was not only to update the interior but also to make it conducive for remote work.

Additionally, the upper level of the home needed significant changes, including the addition of a new master suite, office space, laundry room, and bathroom. However, before we could tackle these renovations, we had to address the need for a temporary living space while the work was underway.

The Transformation

We decided to start with the basement, as it would provide a comfortable living space for Laura and Mike during the upper-level renovations. In the basement, we added a stylish office space for Mike, ensuring it was well-lit and had all the amenities he needed to work from home effectively. We also transformed an unused area into a cozy bedroom and added a theater space for the couple, complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems for their entertainment.

With the basement complete, Laura and Mike had a comfortable space to stay while we worked on the upper level. The upper-level transformation was equally impressive. We reconfigured the layout, switching the bathroom to a more convenient location, which improved the overall flow of the house.

We also removed one of the bedrooms to create a spacious master suite. The new suite featured a walk-in closet and a luxurious ensuite bathroom with modern fixtures and finishes. To meet Laura’s need for a home office, we incorporated a dedicated office space, ensuring a comfortable and productive workspace.

One of the highlights of the upper-level remodel was the addition of a laundry room, making daily chores more efficient and convenient for the homeowners. The entire upper level was revamped with modern design elements and a color scheme that reflected Laura and Mike’s personal taste.

The Outcome

The Historic Milwaukee Ave Remodel was a resounding success. Laura and Mike’s house was transformed into a home that met all of their needs and reflected their unique style. The basement provided a comfortable living space for the couple while we worked on the upper level, and the upper level itself became a harmonious and functional living space. The addition of dedicated workspaces for both Laura and Mike allowed them to efficiently work from home, which was especially important given the changing work landscape.

In the end, we were proud to have played a part in breathing new life into this historic Milwaukee Avenue home. Laura and Mike were thrilled with the final results, and we were equally pleased to have been part of their journey in making their house truly their own.

The Historic Milwaukee Ave Remodel stands as a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and skilled craftsmanship, turning a house into a dream home.

Project Type

Multi-Room / Multi-Project


Basement $50k-$60K

Upper Level $175k+

Completion Date

September 2022


Mike and Laura

Milwaukee Remodel - living room
Milwaukee Remodel - kitchen

Client Testimonial

Nate came recommended to us and we are very happy we chose to work with him. He is professional, with good communication and constant updates. He works with high quality sub-contractors, especially for cabinetry and tile work. Our project was divided into two halves which allowed us to stay in our home the whole time and also spread out the timeline for making selections. The projects were completed with no big delays and for our agreed price. He has followed through more than a year later with minor issues, like adjusting our shower door.

— Laura E.


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