The objective was to redefine a solid 1990’s home with a more open and user-friendly kitchen layout.

The main challenge for the homeowner was the way the kitchen was originally framed out.  The staircase doorway to the basement made the kitchen flow awkward around the island and stools.

And, as with many homes this age, the kitchen table was adjacent to the island which also created a pinch point. The owners liked to entertain, but they were feeling crowded when company would visit.

Additionally, the cabinetry was tired and not functioning the best.

The Solution?

Fix the original framing issues with the staircase by moving it by 14” towards the basement, then recreating the paneling, trim detail, and handrail, and repair the drywall going down the stairs.

The island was created at 2 heights, one level for a working space and the lower section with the curve at tabletop height with stools to replace the kitchen table.

Along the process, the client decided to have their sunroom refinished as well.  To make the whole space more cohesive, we brought the flooring through the porch and kitchen. Huge improvement!

We also removed the tongue and groove paneling from the walls and replaced with drywall and new trim to match the rest of the project.

The entire – expanded – project was completed in 16 weeks.

Project Type

Kitchen Remodel



Completion Date



Weise Household

Wiese Kitchen #8 Range and Hood
Wiese Kitchen #5 No Rug lo-res
Wiese Kitchen #7 NO flowers lo-res
Wiese Kitchen #3 Wider Angle Hi-Res

Client Testimonial

We are no longer embarrassed by our bathrooms! The spaces are beautiful and functional. Skäpar helped throughout the whole process with design, picking materials, and bring our dream space to reality. The craftmanship of the work was excellent and they are genuinely nice people to work with.

Pam Bryden


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